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The Golden Nugget: An Entrepreneur Speaks

October 2, 2017 –The Solar Atmospheres group of companies announces the October 2017 publication of the unique memoirs of its founder and owner, Bill Jones, an icon in his field.

Part memoir, part technical guide, The Golden Nugget: An Entrepreneur Speaks, by William R. Jones and co-author Heather Idell, takes the reader on a journey through Mr. Jones’ life and career – from a curious, technically adept young man to becoming one of the most lauded and respected leaders in the vacuum furnace and heat treating industries. Providing insight into the mind of an entrepreneur, the book also chronicles the technical innovations that propelled Mr. Jones to the forefront of these industries.

A must-read for metallurgists, heat treating professionals, and entrepreneurs, as well as students of business and manufacturing.

For information on how to obtain a copy of the book, visit solaratm.com/nugget.








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